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“Sex Crime” or “Sexual Self-Determination”?

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This Saturday, 23rd of March, I will give a presentation at a symposium at Humboldt University of Berlin. The presentation is titled “Sex Crime” or “Sexual Self-Determination”? and deals with prostitution discourses in South Korea and their negative impacts on sex workers.

My presentation will start at 12pm in a session titled “Autonomy and Heteronomy in Sex Work”. The second presenter in this session is Ms. Noémi Katona who will give a presentation titled “Coercion, Money, and Intimacy: Hungarian Sex Workers and their Pimps/Boyfriends at Kurfürstenstraße”. Podcasts of these and other presentations will be made available in April. Please note that all presentations will be held in German only.

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Matthias Lehmann
“Sex Crime” or “Sexual Self-Determination”?
March 23rd, 2012 – 12.00pm

Festsaal der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Luisenstraße 56,  10117 Berlin

“Hurt Lives – Denied Rights. Human Trafficking in the 21st Century”

Despite heightened public attention to “human trafficking”, the definition of this phenomenon remains difficult and contested. On Friday, March 22nd, and Saturday, March 23rd 2013, the symposium “Hurt Lives – Denied Rights. Human Trafficking in the 21st Century” will take place at the ballroom of the Humboldt-Universität of Berlin at Luisenstraße 56 in Berlin-Mitte. Next to academic and field experts, young researchers will showcase their work in presentations and workshops. The symposium is intended both for a professional audience as well as everyone who is interested to learn more about this subject matter.

HUG-LOGOThe symposium is sponsored by the Humboldt-Universitäts-Gesellschaft. Verein der Freunde, der Ehemaligen und der Förderer e.V. (Humboldt University‘s Association of Friends, Alumni and Sponsors)

Please click here to visit the website of the symposium. (German only)