Sex Work and Human Rights

Black is the new Red*

Research Project Germany

Subject of dispute: Brothel in Dachau (Photo: dpa) Subject of dispute: Brothel in Dachau (Photo: dpa)

The below is a summary of anarticle by Benjamin Emontsthat appeared in German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, provided here as an update to the previous postCities lose legal battles against prostitution businesses. (*Black is the customary colour of Germany’s two main conservative parties, the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union.)

Conservatives involved in construction of brothel in Dachau

For several months, questions were raised over the construction of a nudist club (FKK-Club) in East Dachau, Bavaria, which will include rooms where sex workers can offer sexual services. It has now come to light that local Conservative politicians and elected representatives from the Christian Social Union (CSU) are in fact involved in its construction: developer and acting city councillor Wolfgang Moll; electrician and previous city councillor Helmut Erhorn; and architect and CSU candidate for the city council…

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