Sex Work and Human Rights

International Day of Protest against the violent Abuse and Murder of Sex Workers | Call for Action by ICRSE

ICRSE Protest July 19thThe International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers (ICRSE) in Europe is calling all its member organisations, individuals, sex workers and allies to stand together and protest against the recent murders of Jasmine and Dora, the violent attack against Ela, and all violence against sex workers in Europe and worldwide.


This week, Turkey and Sweden were the stage of violent murders of sex workers – but the violence is constant. Three sex workers were murdered in Italy since the beginning of this year. In France, Kassandra and Karima were murdered and committed suicide respectively. In Turkey, Dora, a trans sex worker, was killed this week, and Ela, another trans sex worker, got shot and her arm is unlikely to function again. Dora was the 31st transgender victim of violent and deadly attacks in Turkey since 2008.

We are calling all our friends and families, to protest against the Swedish model that took away the children of Jasmine and gave custody to her violent ex-husband who finally murdered her. Social workers and the Swedish state refused to listen to Jasmine. Why listen to a sex worker who doesn’t know what is good for her? It was that criminal system that cost Jasmine her life. We also protest against the systemic transphobic murders and violence in Turkey and worldwide.

In every country in Europe and around the world, sex workers are being murdered because our lives are seen are less worthy than others. We are not seen as equal citizens and this state-sanctioned discrimination justifies the stigma and violence we have to endure. It’s time to say

NO to all violence against sex workers!
NO to silencing our voices!
NO to taking away our children!
NO to attacks, rape and murders!

Protests will happen in many countries around the world on Friday the 19th of July at 3 pm. We encourage ICRSE members and all organisations and individuals to organise demonstrations, protests, and actions in front of Turkish, Swedish, and Italian embassies, or in front of other symbolic places.

We will update our event page with infos about the protests, an ICRSE press release, pictures you might need etc. If you need help in any way, please ask on the page and maybe someone can offer you support.

In solidarity,
Luca Stevenson
ICRSE Coordinator

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