Sex Work and Human Rights

Update #2 to Rhoda Grant’s consultation process

Restore Access, Rhoda!Image altered by Matthias Lehmann (Research Project Korea)*

There has been another unbelievable development regarding Rhoda Grant’s consultation process. Not enough that previously, submissions that opposed her bill to criminalise the purchase of sex in Scotland were omitted and that her comments on having failed to get cross-party support for the bill were removed from her website. Now all responses to the consultation process were removed, too!

Twitter LogoPlease tweet to @RhodaGrant to remind her that she is a PUBLIC SERVANT and demand that access to ALL responses be restored!

This morning, I submitted a request to the Scottish Parliament under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain all submitted responses, which was acknowledged by the Head of Information Governance. Should my request be successful, I will provide them to SCOT-PEP and the Sex Workers Open University.

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Update to Rhoda Grant’s consultation process

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*I am not suggesting any ad hominem attacks on Ms Grant. However, in my view, her ignorance of the subject matter and the contempt she has shown throughout for sex workers and others who opposed her, justify to make light of a bad situation and mock Ms Grant with the above image. Unfortunately, she well deserves it.


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  1. How to complain about the conduct of an MSP: & MSP code of conduct

    July 11, 2013 at 2:32 pm

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