Sex Work and Human Rights

15,000 views and counting

15,000 Views and counting

I am glad to report that as of yesterday, Research Project Korea’s blog surpassed the threshold of 15,000 views. Visitors came from 121 countries, with the majority of them from North America (3,350), South Korea (3,070), Germany (1,929), the UK (729), India (671), and Australia (560), while altogether 480 users follow this project via Facebook and Twitter.

Among the most popular posts – with over 900 views alone – was A Letter from a South Korean Sex Worker, published in January 2013, followed by Sex, Lies, and Abolitionists, published last October. The latter sparked a lively debate with over 90 comments comments from prostitution abolitionist Rebecca Mott, veteran sex worker activist Norma Jean Almodovar, President of ISWFACE and COYOTE LA, Tracey Tully from the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW), and researcher Wendy Lyon (Feminist Ire), to name but a few. Although the comment thread has now been dormant for several months, it still provides you with an interesting insight into this contested discourse, as does my response to Rhoda Grant’s consultation process, which I submitted in December under the heading A self-inflicted lack of information. Finally, I would like to direct your attention to the updated About section, which aims to provide answers to questions such as those posed by the Canadian sex worker organisation Maggie’s Toronto.

I would like to thank everyone for having read, ‘liked’, re-posted and commented on the updates here, on Facebook and on Twitter. If you joined my page just recently, why not browse through some of the previous posts.

I would be glad if you kept on reading, sharing and responding to my updates in the future.

Best Regards from Berlin,
Matthias Lehmann

From Seoul to Berlin - Matt Lemon Photography

Left: Brandenburg Gate in Berlin | Right: Sungnyemun (Gate of Exalted Ceremonies) in Seoul



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