Sex Work and Human Rights

10,000 views and counting

I am glad to report that as of yesterday, Research Project Korea’s blog surpassed the threshold of 10,000 views. Visitors came from 108 countries, with the majority of them from South Korea (2,289), the United States & Canada (2,014), Germany (1,487), India (473), Australia (378), and the UK (351).

I would like to say thank you to all of you for having read,  ‘liked’, re-posted and commented on the updates here, on Facebook and on Twitter.

If you joined my page just recently, why not browse through some of the previous posts. Among the most popular were:

In Pictures: Korean Sex Workers’ Day

Debate: Is sex work objectifying?

In the Lion’s Den: An Evening among Abolitionists

Research Project Korea on the Charlie Spice Show

Seeing is Disbelieving

A noble cause? I think not.

…and the meme: What People Think Independent Researchers Do / What They Really Do

Please keep on reading and sharing my updates in the future.

Best Regards from Seoul,
Matthias Lehmann

Also a view: N Seoul Tower on Namsan (lit. South Mountain)


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