Sex Work and Human Rights

You can talk to me | Photo Publishing Rights

Come and talk to me

If you are a delegate or visitor at the SWFF, please approach me should you have any question, be it about the nature of my project or its funding, about the media I publish, or about my personal background. Like you, I have ears to listen and a voice to reply.

Photo Publishing Rights

Matt Lemon Photography Profile Photo SmallAll photos taken at the SWFF and published on this blog or on my Facebook page are either my own, i.e. by Matt Lemon Photography, or reposted with kind permission by the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC) Media Team, which also publishes these photos on the India Civil Society website.

“Receiving credit for an image we created is a given, not compensation, and credit is not a substitute for payment.” Tony Wu, Photographer

I grant permission to those wishing to repost my photos via social networking sites but ask for credit to be given either as ‘Matthias Lehmann’, ‘Matt Lemon Photography’ or ‘@photogroffee’. If you publish my photos on your blog or website, I would appreciate it if you shared the link with me. For that, or in case you wish to use any of my photos in print publications, please contact me by leaving a comment below. Before contacting me, I recommend you to read Tony Wu’s ‘Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free’.

All permissions are given for non-profit use only. I retain all rights of my photo/videography work.

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