Sex Work and Human Rights

SWFF – Day 2 | Quotes & Photos

Snapshots from today’s sessions about the freedoms to associate and unionise and the freedom to be protected by the law. Irina Maslova painted a bleak picture of the situation of sex workers in Russia, where violent perpetrators can often act with impunity.


“I am happy to be here as I can speak for myself rather than someone speaking for me.”
Daisy Namakula, Wonetha, Sex Worker-led organisation in Uganda

“We need to form trade unions to defend our rights and improve work conditions.”
Thierry Schaffauser, Sex worker activist, France/UK

“In Russia, sex work is criminalised. Raids and extortions are common. Violence and impunity are the greatest problems. As donors cease funding, the church steps in and moralisation increases.”
Irina Maslova, Silver Rose, Russia


All photos by Matt Lemon Photography. To view these photos with their respective explanations, please view the photo album on Facebook (no account required). Please go to SWFF Impressions for further photos by the DMSC Media Team and others.

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