Sex Work and Human Rights

Update #4 | On the way to India!

I am now on my way from Seoul to Kolkata, currently on a stopover at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. Thanks to some extremely generous donations, in particular by one American donor, I am able to take my research project on the road to attend the XIX International AIDS Conference Hub, dubbed the Sex Workers’ Freedom Festival, in Kolkata, India. I will continue to post updates throughout this exciting conference, both on this blog and via Twitter.

Click on the button on the right-hand column (below the Facebook box) to follow ResearchProjectKorea on Twitter or read my tweets on this page. You can also follow the Sex Workers’ Freedom Festival via Twitter. Click here to follow @SWFF_2012.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for your great support. This goes especially to my team and my interviewees who have helped me greatly throughout the last months. I would also like to wish all of those currently travelling to Kolkata a safe journey and pleasant arrival! See you at the SWFF!

Update #4.1

Safely arrived in Kolkata.


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