Sex Work and Human Rights

6.29 Korean Sex Workers’ Day

In Commemoration of the 8th Anniversary
of the National Solidarity of Sex Workers Day

6.29 Sex Workers Day – Cultural Festival & Potluck Party ☂

2012.07.01 Sunday
@ Mullae Arts Village | Project Space LAB 39
OPEN/2.00pm – CLOSE/7.00pm (Times changed!)

The event is held to commemorate Sex Workers’ Day (June 29th) and to discuss the human rights situation of marginalised populations, including sex workers who are oppressed in this society. We will also have a Potluck Party. Please bring 1-2 servings of food, if you like to participate.

Message from Giant Girls – Network for Sex Workers’ Rights

Do you like to party? Then come to Project Space LAB 39 on July 1st! In celebration of Korean Sex Workers’ Day, Giant Girls is hosting a small party!

The dress code is “Flower”. If you don’t have any flowery clothes, wear a flower in your hair. 🙂

Since we will be having a potluck party, please bring a little food along! Those who participate should bring enough food for one person 🙂 Giant Girls will prepare canapés, salads, rice balls and more. Anything is welcome, cookies, fruit etc. (There is no place to buy food near LAB39. HomePlus at Mullae Station is the closest place to buy food.)

Programme – A variety of things to see and do and plenty of exciting stories!

  • Photo Exhibition: Work and Everyday Life of Sex Workers
  • Exhibition about the Sex Work Movement and various other materials
  • Fashion Show: Holbok (Sex Workers’ Outfits)
  • Chat, Dance, Poetry and Novel Recitals and much, much more…

Be sure to come! We’d like to see everyone again, especially those we haven’t seen for a long time!

What’s the story of June 29th?

On this day, the National Solidarity of Sex Workers Day was organized, after the Special Anti-Sex Trade Law [which includes a Prevention Act and a Punishment Act] was passed in 2004. Since then, we commemorate this day as Sex Workers Day to honour all sex workers who have contributed to the struggle against discrimination over the years.

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  1. So kool. Congratulations.

    June 29, 2012 at 8:27 am

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