Sex Work and Human Rights

Update | Send me to India! | Fundraiser at 20%*

As of May 13th, I have officially submitted my registration form and activity proposal for the Alternative International AIDS Conference, dubbed the Sex Worker Freedom Festival, in Kolkata.

The fundraiser currently stands at 20%. To help sending me to India, please click on the DONATE NOW button on this page!

Discussing Best Practice for Sex Work Research by Non-Sex Workers

I proposed to hold a workshop titled “Research Project Korea: Discussing Best Practice for Sex Work Research by Non-Sex Workers” to direct attention to the situation of sex workers in South Korea and to initiate a discussion about how to best conduct sex work research by non-sex workers, and what topics sex workers would wish to see being researched.

*Further details

I was invited to stay with a colleague in Kolkata, so I am only looking for funding to cover my flight, visa costs and basic expenses (approx. US$ 1,500). Please note: Research Project Korea does not publish a financial report. All donations are made based on trust. Should I fail to raise the necessary funds, your donation will be used to fund my activities in South Korea. All donations made by sex workers will be refunded, should I fail to meet the fundraising target.

For further details, please read my previous blog posts.

[1] Where the pepper grows | Send me to India!
[2] Sex Worker Freedom Festival

The Sex Worker Freedom Festival is an Official International AIDS Conference 2012 Hub. Supported by Open Society Foundation – Sexual Health and Rights Program, UNAIDS, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNFPA, HIVOS, AIDS Fonds and AIDS 2012 conference secretariat.

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