Sex Work and Human Rights

Where the pepper grows | Send me to India!

“Go where the pepper grows!” is the German equivalent for the English expression “Jump in a lake!”. Rather than jumping in a lake, however, I plan to go to India, where not only the pepper grows, but also the Sex Worker Freedom Festival takes place from July 21st to 27th to coincide with the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington.

Video Link between Kolkata and Washington

Due to the US government’s travel restrictions, many sex workers are disabled from attending the IAC in Washington. The Sex Worker Freedom Festival is an alternative event for sex workers and their allies to protest their exclusion and ensure their voices are heard in Washington. There will be video links between Kolkata and Washington conference sessions and the Global Village during a 5 hour overlap between the two conferences.

The Sex Worker Freedom Festival is an Official International AIDS Conference 2012 Hub. Supported by Open Society Foundation – Sexual Health and Rights Program, UNAIDS, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNFPA, HIVOS, AIDS Fonds and AIDS 2012 conference secretariat.

Global Network

To report about the situation of sex workers in South Korea and to strengthen my network with the global sex workers’ rights movement, I plan to attend the Kolkata conference

While I have been encouraged by sex workers to attend the conference, I wouldn’t want to apply for funding via channels that provide funds for sex workers themselves, as their participation in the event is already made difficult as per the above mentioned reasons and other constraints.

Send me to India!

If you wish to donate to my project and send me to the Sex Worker Freedom Festival | IAC 2012 Conference in Kolkata, please click on the DONATE NOW button on this page or learn more by reading the Support Us page. I was invited to stay with a colleague in Kolkata, so I am only looking for funding to cover my flight, visa costs and basic expenses (approx. US$ 1,500). Please note: Research Project Korea does not publish a financial report. All donations are made based on trust. Should I fail to raise the necessary funds, your donation will be used to fund my activities in South Korea.


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