Sex Work and Human Rights

Research Project Korea needs your support!

The Story So Far ››

Research Project Korea began in September 2011. Following two donation appeals in July and October of the last year, private donors contributed a total of US$2,200 | £1,380 to the project. Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all donors.

Due to several factors the project’s schedule had to be modified repeatedly. Those included a reshuffle of the research team and a severe cold snap, as well as the recent increase in police raids in the red light districts, due to which interviews with sex workers can only be arranged under special conditions and with plenty of patience.

Budget ››

Research Project Korea is an independent research project, unaffiliated to any university or organisation and exclusively funded by private donations. Any and all support in the form of feedback or financial aid is welcome. The monthly expenses for Research Project Korea amount to approx. US$880 | £550 | €660 | ₩ 1,000,000 and the project is scheduled to concude by September 2012.

Since Research Project Korea is unaffiliated, no research visa could be obtained for Mr Lehmann, preventing him from taking up gainful employment and necessitating visa runs to Japan every 90 days. Interviewees are not paid for participating in this research. However, all expenses arising from interviews are covered (venue hire, food & beverages). Other costs include basic living expenses, transportation fees, as well as cell phone and internet charges.

Click here if you wish to donate.

How to donate ››

You can donate to Research Project Korea via PayPal (preferred) or by money transfer to Matthias Lehmann’s German bank account. To donate via PayPal or credit card, just click on the Donate Now button above. You will then be redirected to Research Project Korea’s PayPal Donations page. When donating, please add your name and email to the online form.

When deciding upon the amount you wish to donate, please note that PayPal will deduct 1.9% from donations within the EU and 3.9% from other countries, plus an additional fee of US$0.30 | £0.20 | €0.35. Should you experience any difficulties using PayPal or should you wish to donate via bank transfer, please send an email to Matthias Lehmann to yongsagisa [at] gmail [dot] com.

Research Project Korea does not publish a financial report. All donations are made based on trust.


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