Sex Work and Human Rights



I have so far received donations in the amount of $1.221 | £786 | €848 from donors from Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United States, South Korea and Japan. I would like to thank all donors for their generous support. There are now only US$279 | £179 | €197 left to achieve the minimum fundraising target of US$1,500 | £920 | €1,045. Any and all donations in support of my project are welcome.


I reserved a flight from Bangkok to Seoul for September 23rd. One supporter has decided to make a donation to Atmosfair, an award-winning organisation for carbon offsetting & climate protection, to offset the carbon emissions of my flights between Bangkok and Seoul. Thus, Research Project Korea goes green.

Public Relations & Networking

Through my Facebook and email campaign, the blog entries about my project have been read approx. 1,000 times and shared on Facebook over 600 times. I received feedback from people in South Korea, Japan, India, Cambodia, the United States, Canada, Ireland and several other countries. As a result, I have successfully gathered useful contacts for the project.

You can now follow the project on Facebook, even if you do not have a Facebook account. The link to my Facebook page is:

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